We climbed a mountain, and so could you!

Last week Dominic and I set off on a day trip to end all day trips! Leaving Hove at 4am we boarded a flight to Geneva where we met up with the Dream Valley crew, Jack & Arno.  A swift mini bus ride to the base of the mountain later and, before we knew it, we were loaded with a homemade packed lunch & set off for the summit of Le Mole.  

At 1863 metres above sea level, Le Mole is an amazing vantage point from which you can normally see Mont Blanc and other epic summits.. that, of course, depends on it not tipping down with rain, which it did nearly all day!  We did get some incredible views from the top, we were literally walking above the clouds. It’s an inspiring place to be!

This is just the beginning for Bagelman F(o)undation. Over the coming weeks and months we will be working towards making our vision, of a team focused fun budget, a reality.

The ambition is that we will reach a point during 2017 where 1% of all revenue generated by the business is put aside and used for adventure and personal development, and the best part is that it will be up to you guys to decide how it is used!

The summits challenge is the first of many exciting experiences made possible by Bagelman F(o)undation. The next of the 7 summits takes place in May 2017 on the 17th & 18th. And guess what? There is one place up for grabs read on for details of how that could be you!

When I was planning the foundation, I wrote this passage about what I hoped to achieve and I think it helps to sum up the idea;

For two years I have been searching for a union between a few of my ambitions and aspirations as well as personal dreams. For me, Bagelman F(o)undation is the realisation of these ideas. We will take all the great people who work at Bagelman and connect them with meaningful personal development, adventures in nature, mindfulness and relaxation and great experiences. By securing 1% of Bagelman revenues we will be able to fund a programme of fun and adventure designed to enrich and enhance life as well as develop personal and social skills which, in turn, will help our people become the best possible version of themselves.  This is an exciting step for Bagelman and everyone who is part of the team.

So, look out for more information soon about the next summit challenge and F(o)undation.

Bagelman F(o)undation – Let’s do cool stuff together