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In October last year we went back to NYC, home of the modern bagel, for menu inspiration and a good time… we were not disappointed!


The Flatiron Building, NYC

The Flatiron Building, NYC


If you find yourself in New York, you could check out any of these and be impressed-

1 – Black Seed Bagels, 170 Elizabeth St.  A Montreal inspired bagel bakery baking their bagels in a wood fired oven.  These guys have a delicious menu and the most original store design of all the bagel bars we visited.

2 – Essa Bagel, 3rd Avenue. Up in Midtown Manhattan, Essa Bagel is one of NYC’s more famous bagel bars. The bagels here are HUGE.  We had a Ruben that was basically two bagels in one.  The ingredients were good, service was typical NY style; fast and efficient.  Like lots of NYC bagel bars they make a big range of flavoured cream cheeses displayed like a gelato counter.

3 – Zaro Bakeries, various locations inc. the magnificent Grand Central Station.  Zaro bake lovely bagels, they also make amazing cakes and other Viennoiserie, coffees etc.

4 – Bagels on the Square, 7 Carmine St.  Somewhere on the edges of Soho, Nolita & East Village is Bagels On The Square (Just off Bleeker Street, worth a visit in itself for boutique shopping). This is a bustling store with a queue snaking round the shop apparently all day.  Another large range of cream cheeses, smoked meat and smoked fish galore.  They also bake on site and have a huge range.  A Cuban Sandwich on Pumpernickel Bagel jumped off the menu so we dived in.  It was epic.  The shop is on a quiet square with benches and a fountain, a bit of a refuge from all the bustle to enjoy your lunch! 

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Cream Cheese at Essa Bagel

Flavoured Cream Cheese at Essa Bagel

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese from Native Bean

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese from Native Bean