bagel pile 350

After a trip to New York, our founder Julian spent oodles of hours in the kitchen with the aim of creating the perfect bagel recipe. The result is the Bagelman bagel, wholesome and delicious and made from the finest ingredients – flour, yeast, water, salt and one or two other secret things that give our bagels their unique taste (but no nasties) and they are 100% fat free.

Our bakery is situated immediately behind our Bond Street store where our lovely bakers are up at the crack of dawn every day steaming and baking our bagels in small batches throughout the day seven days a week to ensure our bagels are the freshest and the best.

We have two basic bagel recipes; plain and wholemeal and we’re working on a gluten free recipe so watch this space! You can have them plain or topped with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, multi seeds, onion or jalapeno.