Bagelman’s FutureYou foundation

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FutureYou is a vehicle for our people to identify personal skills gaps and develop them for their Future. Our employment opportunities supportĀ people at the beginning of their employment journey; By making it a positive & inclusive experience from the start By finding great people who share our values. By open recruiting candidates with no knowledge of background or experience By creating the conditions for all team members to become Team Leaders By holding regular workshops on Dignity at work, Our culture & values, Training a Trainer, Leading not managing, Honesty & openness. By working closely with each member of the team we help them to identify skills they need to reach their goals. By working one to one with them to provide a pathway which not only helps them gain skills which helps them develop at Bagelman but also continues to help them in their chosen career path. Ultimately, we believe that if someone gains skills while they are part of the Bagelman team which enhance their chances of reaching their full potential, whether that’s with Bagelman or elsewhere, then we have achieved a good outcome for all. FutureYou is the banner under all this happens. It is funded by Bagelman profits.