Bagelman’s FutureYou foundation

futureyou-text-image-le-mole FutureYou  “For two years I have been searching for a union between a few ambitions and aspirations as well as personal dreams. FutureYou is the realisation of these ideas – connecting all the great people who work at Bagelman with meaningful personal development, adventures in nature, mindfulness and relaxation. By securing 1% of Bagelman revenues we are able to fund a programme of fun and adventure designed to enrich and enhance life as well as develop personal and social skills which, in turn, will help our people become the best possible version of themselves. Get outdoors, fill your lungs with oxygen and your mind with dreams. Anything is possible.” Anthony Prior – FutureYou founder & CEO of Bagelman. Why launch FutureYou? There is a known skills gap in the modern workplace. We know this from first hand experience and it is confirmed by research carried out by BCC. People come to us fresh from Uni or School, possibly in to their first job.  They are keen and buzzing to work. What they don’t always have are the human skills so important in helping things tick. Team work, communication, collaboration, empathy are all building blocks required to make sure people are able to get the very best from working together. FutureYou is a vehicle for developing these skills.  We will achieve this by working to understand each individual’s needs and ambitions, we will help them to identify any gaps in their experience and provide workshops and training to help bridge the gap. FutureYou is a stringboard to help people achieve their full potential. The FutureYou purpose? Our purpose at Bagelman is to propel our people into life with all the human skills required to make a positive contribution to the world. By enabling our people to explore their dreams and ambitions and then through mentoring and coaching we will give them the confidence to push themselves using the resources of the FutureYou foundation and its network. Workshops We work with partners to host workshops in specialist areas; Needs, Communication, Team Working, Empathy, Mentoring, Social Media Strategy for Happiness & Creativity. The programme of workshops is enabled by FutureYou. We encourage others to come forward and share their skills; examples include Dance, Education, Songwriting, Foreign language, Brewing and Home brewing. Participants gain from sharing their skills, building confidence and learning how to share their skills. Open Source workshops: Anyone can attend our workshops, we are happy to share the content of our workshops programme with our community. If you are a local person looking to enhance your skills and experience we invite you to join us. You will meet new people and gain valuable insight in to some of the human skills we know make it possible to people to get the very best from life. If this sounds like something you could benefit from please have a look at our workshop programme here [eventbrite link] FutureYou – The Bucket List What’s work without a bit of fun and madness thrown in?! The FutureYou bucket list is open.. We encourage the team to come forward with ideas. So far we have climbed a mountain.. with more mountains to climb in 2017. What do you want to do? FutureYou will try to make it happen.. If you are part of the Bagelman team and would like to add something to the bucket list click here!